Portrait of master shoemaker Kirstin Hennemann

Kirstin Hennemann

Partner / Master Shoemaker

Kirstin Hennemann is our master shoemaker. With dedication and a detailed detection sense she will discover the true needs of your feet for a carefree shoe. You do not need to have a clear idea how your desired model should look like when you come to us. Kirstin Hennemann will creat the model together with you. She studied politics and German when she walked through Frankfurts shopping disctrict and discovered that she could not find any nice shoes for her admittedly demanding feet. This led her to the decision to make them herself. After her apprentice years at a master shoemaker at the theaters she worked for a orthopaedics master shoemaker. Kirstin Hennemann opened her first bespoke shoe shop in 2002 in Berlin. Now everyone can benefit from her experience and the informal atmosphere at our bespoke shoe shop.

Portrait of Gabriele Braun

Gabriele Braun

Partner / Public Relations / Shoemaker

Gabriele Braun joined 2014 and is the generous spirit of the team. If she is not heavily engaged with making bespoke shoes, she structures and oversees all organizational topics. In her former professional life, Gabriele Braun was as senior executive responsible for developing international large organizations until she discoverd her expression to creative handcrafts again. She was born in Bavaria and grew up in the global business world to come to Berlin and run a bespoke shoe makers business together with Kirstin Hennemann to create beautiful shoes. Since she has experienced the sensation of bespoke shoes, she cannot wear most of her old ready made shoes. “They simply don't fit anymore”. 

Portrait of Alexandra Kendelbacher

Alexandra Kendelbacher

Orthopaedics Shoemaker

Alexandra Kendelbacher is our specialist for shoe upper parts. She works with Kirstin Hennemann since 2002. With her 25 years of experiece she is concerned about upper leather, linings and perfect stitching in various colours to create shoe upper parts of highest quality.



Sebastian Powierza is the artist in our team. Deepest love for details create a special moment in every shoe. Sebastian left his shoemaking business in Warsow to join our team in 2018. His ideas, the esprit of his shoes paired with highest quality of the finish add true value to the unique pieces from Hennemann & Braun.

Portrait of Tabea Perrino

Tabea Perrino

Shoemaker / Specialist for Shoe Production and Shoe Care

Tabea Perrino is the rising star on the shoemakers sky. She would say, that say's it all. Tabea Perrino performed her apprenticeship with Kirstin Hennemann before she successfully completed her examination in 2015.  She realizes any of your shoe wishes with enthusiasm and prefers tricky challenges. After all she cares for our team by living her cooking passion.



Mojtaba Rezai is the new member in our team. He joined in February 2019 and cares to provide perfect shoe uppers to our customers. His way of building uppers garanties highest quality, a long shoe life and a perfect appearance. Mojtaba looks back on many years of international experience as showemaker. Greece, Iran  and Germany are only some examples.